Nail Art For Toes

Nail Art For ToesNail wraps are now sweeping the nation among celebrities and us every day folk too!

Many celebrities out there today have been patched wearing them so what better advertisement for you to have a go?

But if you ar thinking of trying them out, you will want to know what benefits they will give you.

This article has been written to give you a abbreviated over view of those benefits and to help you with your decision to try out the new form of nail art on your own fingers and toes.

I will list here just three of the benefits that I think will sway you towards having them.

1. Long lasting. The wraps can last up to two weeks on your finger nails and up to four weeks on your toes so what better way to get ready for the summertime than to apply these and then relax. If you are going on holiday, applying them the day before you go will be of great benefit to you because you will non have to worry about any re-application of traditional varnishes during your vacation and also, you will not have to pack unnecessary nail equipment.

2. Time and money savings. Within about ten minutes, you can have a beautiful set of finger nails decorated with the stickers. Most varnishes need two or maybe three coats and this takes time, sometimes up to half an hour for the individual coats to dry. With the wraps, there is no sticky mess to get in so you can get on with other things almost immediately after application. They will also save you money by not having all those wasted bottles of polish that gather dust in your cupboards and then dry up over time.

3. Wet play. Some varnishes will chip when you do any water activities such as swimming. Nail wraps do not. This means that you can enjoy your swimming, bathing, showering and even washing up the dishes at home! They will not peel off as water does not affect them. This is great news for your holiday when people spend a lot of time in the pool or the sea.

So that was just three of the benefits you will get from trying out nail wraps so why non give them a go and see for your ego how great they are.

You will no doubt be impressed and so will your friends.

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Nail Art For Toes
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