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Nail Art ToeFalse nails have been around since the 1930′s and have made a lot of advances since then. There is plenty of information regarding these items because they ar wildly popular.


There are several unlike false nails. They include wraps, gel, press on, and acrylic. There are even specialty types of false nails too, such as Diamond Dust nails. The prices vary from type to type.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are pretty much standard when going to a salon. These nails can last for up to two weeks before needing to be replaced. There ar many benefits to these nails. For example, if distant right they are non all that damaging to the natural nail. They tend to be the longest lasting and most durable in among false nails. Also, they are one of the most affordable types.

Unfortunately, the natural nails can be weakened or discredited from the filling before even adding the nails. Another trouble is that there ar many people that don’t apply them right. This makes them look gaudy. Another issue is you can end up getting a fungal infection if the nails ar not maintained properly. Do non get water trapped under the nails, it can non only weaken the acrylic nails adhesion to the natural nail but also can cause the much dreaded nail fungus that is associated with acrylic nails.

Gel Nails

Gel nails ar a very popular option because they look and feel great. Many consider them to be more natural looking than other types of artificial nails and the application does non involve exhaust or odors. These gel nails are formed differently, too. The artist applies a liquid chemic gel that is set under a UV lamp. The light and heat sets the nails so they can be wrought and styled. There is non-UV gels ar formed by another(a) type of chemical activator over the gel. These have a clear, shiny finish that typically does not yellow.

Unfortunately, they are expensive to get and maintain. They also moldiness grow out and be filed down to actually remove them.

Wraps and Press On

In regards to the wraps, they are used to repair broken finger nails and tips. They ar typically considered to be more of an extension and nail tip strengtheners. They are made of fine layers of silk, tissue, linen, or fiber and ar pre-shaped. They are a low maintenance way to repair nails. Unfortunately, they don’t withstand as much wear as other options and when they ar made of linen they tend to look very fake.

Press-on false nails are great for an inexpensive quick application. They ar very much temporary and can withstand very little pressure. It is best to get them through professionally for a yearner use, but if that is what you can afford there are ways to make them look real, they will not last long beyond an event or a function.

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Nail Art Toe
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